We are very thankful to Phil Jeffords and Bankit Mortgage, for helping us achieve our dream of buying a home. They made it fast and easy! Thank you :)

3 years ago
Ana Villegas
Van Nuys, CA.

Hi Phil Thank you so much for all of your hard work. This purchase is a dream come true. I would like to thank you, Ricky, and Elizabeth for all of your help with the loan and the home purchase. Michael Dubone

3 years ago
Michael Dubone
Northridge, CA

The mortgage provided by Bankit to my family has changed our lives in a big way. We are now homeowners for the second time and we are able to expand our future in ways that were not imaginable previously. The process was one where I felt my family was listened too, advised at the highest standard and genuinely cared for by our loan officer, Phil Jeffords. In short, we're looking forward to the next big step for my family and I can’t wait for Bankit to support us through that process.

3 years ago
Raha Lewis
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you to the people in Bankit Mortgage they helped me on my loan to my fullest thanks to Marck Garcia and Emma Contreras they are wonderful people and very tentative I would recommend this Mortgage Company to anybody that wants to purchase a home or refinance thanks you Bank it Mortgage.

3 years ago
Jesus Medina
Imperial, CA

Amazing Service

3 years ago
Nishant Zaveri
Orange, CA